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Nings Again

March 31, 2009 by Tara Seale · 3 Comments · 21st Century Literacy, English Resources, Nings, Romeo and Juliet, Web 2.0

My students just finished their last posts to our Romeo and Juliet Ning.  They enjoyed role playing as they posted in character.  Now we are going to use a Ning to post reponses to To Kill a Mockingbird at To Kill a Mockingbird Response Ning. I am trying to discover the best way to incorporate Nings into the classroom.  I am using edublogs with my Read the Net students, and while it gives my students more freedom, I also think that my students may benefit more from the Ning format.  I am hypothesizing that students will be more apt to converse and leave meaningful comments for other students in a Ning environment than in a blogging environment.  Blogs are only connected by the blog roll and an aggregator, such as, Google Reader, so students may feel a disconnect that a Ning may provide.  I am only theorizing this is the case, and hopefully I will be able to discover which Web 2.0 tool works best in the classroom as I try out the TKAM Ning with my 9th grade English students and Edublogs with my Read the Net students.

I have also added a widget badge for the class TKAM Ning in the right side bar of this blog which provides a link to the Ning.

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  • Candace Follis

    Thanks for recommending your site on twitter! I’m just getting started on yours, so I know this is an old post! Just wanted to say that I recently blogged about this (I’m not much of a blogger yet – someday) and all the things I love about Ning. I would be interested to hear if you would like to share ways that you use it or drawbacks that you’ve encountered. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Tara Seale

    @Candace I checked out your blog page, and I enjoyed reading about your Nings. I have used nings two ways this year: one as a serious response page which is working out well, and also as a social networking site for students to join in character and respond as if they were the character. We did this with Romeo and Juliet. The kids loved responding in character, and I am considering doing it again next year with Gods and Goddesses instead of R & J. I am also a member of the English Companion Ning, but I have not responded much yet, but I plan to start posting my ideas and reading yours there as well!

  • Natalie

    I just read the article in Neatoday and I am so intrigued! I am an English II Pre-AP teacher and I want to utilize technology in my classroom. I loved the idea of role playing and I would like to use this with Julius Caesar. How did you introduce Ning(s) to your classes?

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