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The Rest of the Story, a video novel project

July 27, 2009 by Tara Seale · 2 Comments · 21st Century Literacy, English Resources, Technology Resources, To Kill a Mockingbird, Videos and iPods

I recently joined the We Are Teachers website which offers grant opportunites and information related to organizations that assist teachers in implementing engaging lessons in their classroom.  I applied for a micro digital learning grant that provides a flip video camera and $200 to the teacher that wins the grant.

My grant proposal title is The Rest of the Story, a video novel project. I wrote about my idea in an earlier blog post, titled Using Video to Teach Character Perspective.

My class reads To Kill a Mockingbird in my 9th grade English class.  I hope to divide the class into groups and have each group create a video from the perspective of different characters in the novel.  The assignment will engage kinesthetic learners who benefit most from a hands-on approach to learning.  Additionally, the project will help students who struggle with a lengthy novel by providing a focus to closely read and discover the motivations and view point of their character.

I recently read Teaching the New Writing by Herrington, Hodgson, and Moran.  The authors point out that the NAEP framework requires that writing standards incorporate digital composition by 2011.  Therefore, It is important that English teachers implement lessons that utilize digital skills not only because of the NAEP standards, but because students need to be able to produce “the New Writing” to become successful in a digital connected world.

Winning the grant is not exactly based on the merit of the grant proposal.  All grant ideas are posted on the We Are Teachers website, and visitors at the website are encouraged to vote on the best idea.  Unfortunately with so many ideas to read through, I believe many voters will vote for either someone they know or the first good idea they read.  So if you think my idea has merit and will benefit the students I teach, please visit the We Are the Teachers Voting Page and vote for Tara Seale.  I on the 18th page because the grant proposals are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s name.  Last time I checked I was in the top 15, so I appreciate all of you who have voted for my grant idea.

Voting ends on August 10th.

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  • Tammy Gillmore

    Can I vote more than once?

    Great idea!

  • Tara Seale

    Thank you Tammy! I think they know the IP address on the computer you are voting from, so voting is basically by e-mail addresses, and I believe only one person can vote on that computer. I appreciate you wanting to vote more than once though. :)

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