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Posting to the web with students

August 10, 2009 by Tara Seale · 3 Comments · 21st Century Literacy, English Resources, Google, Nings, Web 2.0

With so many choices, I had to decide what web 2.0 tool I want to use in my class this year.  I contemplated pbworks (which I love for its simplicity), Nings (which the students love for its facebook feel), Edmodo for its organizational features, and the winner is:


Each student will have his or her own Edublog, which will give the student a broader audience and more ownership of his or her work because the blog will be less controlled by me, the teacher, than one of the other web tools.  The students will link to the main class blog in the Blogroll for easy access.  See the main class blog below:

Mrs. Seale’s 9th Grade English Class Edublog

For organizational purposes, I have linked a Google Site and Calendar to the Edublog, so I can easily post handouts and assignment instructions.  Students also have easy access to Google Sites because our district is using Google Apps this year.

Mrs. Seale’s 9th Grade English Class Google Site

Because students enjoy contributing and creating profiles using a Ning, we will use a Ning (our own social network) for a special project in which we communicate as if we are characters from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Implementing this Ning project worked last year, so I plan to use it again to engage students while we experience and discuss Shakespeare.

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