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January 22, 2010 by Tara Seale · 4 Comments · 21st Century Literacy

I have not posted on my Enhanced English Teacher Blog in a month or so….

For one, I have been busy.  I attended the NCTE Convention in Philadelphia in November.  Next, I went to the Google Teacher Academy in Washington DC, and both were incredible experiences.  I am still processing all that I have learned in the past month or two, and I will blog about it soon.

But, the real reason is that the NCTE asked me to blog for them at the NCTE Secondary Section Blog, and I am also blogging for my school as we start trying to create a podcast program.  I am calling my blog Enhanced English Teacher on our school server blog as well. If you watch the videos on my school blog, they currently only play on a Mac for some reason.  We are working out how to get them to play on a PC too.  In addition, I am blogging with my students on a Teacher Blog Page while trying to maintain a Teacher Google Site page for assignments.

I am considering migrating this blog to a wordpress blog and possibly purchasing my own URL.  I am at cross-roads now as I decide what would be the next best step.  I also have a Mobile Me account that I use to share video and pictures with my family, but I can’t decide if that is where I need to start my blog.  As I struggle through where I want to go next, any suggestions you have as my readers would be greatly appreciated.  Please just leave me a comment on how you blog, what platform you use, and if you purchased your own URL.


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  • Gerry

    Hi Tara – I only get audio on my Mac (leopard) in both Firefox and Chrome as well, so the issue in not only with Windows.

  • Tara Seale

    I think we have all the bugs worked out now. I just watched the video on a PC, and someone else watched it on their Mac to test it out. So try it out again: http://podcast.bryantschools.org/users/tseale/

  • Dana Huff

    I purchased my own domain because Edublogs didn’t exist (that I know of) when I started blogging in 2005. I use WordPress to manage my blog, and I think it’s the best platform. I use Bluehost. They are fairly responsive when I have any trouble, and I haven’t had much trouble over the years. They have been sufficient for what I want to do, anyway, and their prices are reasonable. I think it’s nice to have your own URL. I even snapped up danahuff.com when it became available, even though I haven’t done anything with it yet. Doesn’t Edublogs make it easy for you to purchase your own domain now?

  • essays

    I’m blogging a long time and using blogger from google. I don’t have any problems.

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