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Archiving My Tweets

November 26, 2010 by Tara Seale · 2 Comments · 21st Century Literacy, Twitter, Web 2.0

I recently returned from the NCTE (National Council Teachers of English) Convention in Orlando, FL.  I presented twice, and I plan to post my presentations some time this week on my blog, but even before I post my presentations, I wanted to share a great feature that I discovered from one of my fellow presenters, Andrea Zellner.

Andrea uses Twistory to archive all of her tweets into a calendar. I knew immediately that this would work with me.  When I find a great website or web tool, I always want to share, so I tweet it out. Later, I have to search through old tweets to find that great website or web tool.  Of course, I use Google Bookmarks and Diigo, but sometimes I just forget to bookmark the website or web tool.

The amazing thing about using Twistory with your calendar is that it archives the tweets in chronological order by date, just like adding events to a calendar.  This is perfect for me and possibly for you.  Have you ever thought back to a tweet and you knew the approximate date that you tweeted it out, but it was too far back to actually go through all of your tweets to find it?  Using Twistory with a calendar makes it easy to find that tweet.  Look below to see a screen shot of two days of my tweets in August synced to iCal.

I wish I had known about twistory before now.  I recently used twittergrader to find out how long I have been tweeting, and as of today, I have been tweeting 2 years, 3 months and 26 days.  It would be nice to have an archived calendar of all of those tweets.  Unfortunately, when I signed up for twistory, it only went back to June when it began archiving my tweets.  There is also another late sign up problem, I tried to archive my tweets to a Google calendar first, but twistory had difficulty completing that task, and I received a message that said they were working with Google to correct the problem, so for now, I am using iCal.  Andrea is able to sync her tweets to her Google Calendar, but she has been using twistory for awhile now.

If you decide to sign up for twistory, it will create a shared calendar with your tweets.  Each tweet is synced to the day you tweeted, so if you have a busy day, you may want to view your calendar by the week.  The screenshot I shared is in the monthly view.  With this new feature, I believe I will tweet more often because I can go back and find that great website or web tool; it is right there in my iCal twitter calendar!

Thanks Andrea for such a great tip!


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