Hyperlinking is a 21st Century skill that I hope to instill in my students.   It is always frustrating to read a blog, website, or wiki that refers to great articles or information, but fails to provide the link.

I wonder when our educational assessments will catch up to 21st Century skills.  Should a standardized test have a blog post and a multiple choice question that asks which word or phrase should act as the hyperlink?  I have found that this is a skill that I am still trying to master.  I sometimes hyperlink whole phrases, as I did in my last post.  Is this necessary?  I wonder who will develop the hyperlink rules for the blogosphere.  I have found a few postings for hyperlink rules, but I am not sure the web 2.0 culture has really defined these rules officially.

I recently read a blog post at The Edublogger that explains how to use html code to create a hyperlink in comments.  I am glad to know that piece of information, and I plan to demonstrate the value and use of including hyperlinks in blog and wiki comments to my classes next week.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Thank you for the backlink. More people should think about their hyperlinking. I wonder however what would be the main advantage of officially defined rules, moreover how can a mark-up rule be made official on the web?

  2. Glad my post on writing links in comments helped. To be honest I still struggle when deciding which words to link to when writing posts. There is definitely a balance between linking and over linking.

    Just in case you were interested in why I wrote that post. I had written a post on Interlinking! Is it your idea of fun? and several of my readers asked me to explain how to write links in comments.

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